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Writing Your Business Plan (Traditional or Online Business)

Business Plan



Businesses that must succeed must plan to do so!

While you may be the visionary behind your business, the plans and holistic efforts needed to drive a sustainable execution may be too overwhelming for you. So why not
let me work with you in setting the pace for your business?

As your Consultant, my job will be to work hand in hand with you on how to turn your dreams and ideas into money making ventures good enough for investment.

My background
>Experiential knowledge on how to secure investors fund through an implementable business plan
> Finance
> Economics
> Agriculture


> Executive Summary
> Product/company descriptions and Operations
> Complete Market analysis
> Complete Industry analysis
> Complete competitors analysis
> Financial plans which would include; Income statement, Cash flow analysis, balance sheet, breakeven, KPIs.

Message me before placing an order. I’ll be happy to share industry relevant samples with you.

Money back guarantee

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