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What is website positioning

What is website positioning: website positioning deals with elevating a position (placement) that a website holds on a search engine result page. Carefully administered website positioning helps websites reach top 10 spots in search engines like Google.

High placements in search engines in turn, help attract a large percentage of all users looking for similar products using services like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask and others.

How to position websites: effectively, of course? But, to understand how to position websites one first needs to learn what is website positioning and website optimization. If you are not completely familiar with the idea of website positioning or SEO and how they differ from SEM, then please read: the difference between SEO and SEM.

What is needed for website positioning?

  1. computer
  2. website
  3. basic knowledge of HTML, however this can be substituted by relying on a good webmaster (most companies have an in-house webmaster or a freelancer, who monitors their site)
  4. basic understanding of proper White Hat SEO techniques

Below, we will attempt to describe pozycjonowanie methods that utilize White Hat SEO techniques.

Step 1 – prepare a keyword list

Prepare a list full of keywords and phrases that describe your site. Try to think of keywords that you think internauts use to find sites like yours. Come up with phrases that consist of 2-3 or 4 keywords. Once you have your list ready, pick the phrases that you can easily include in your content. Leave the rest of the phrases for later, or consider using them in a SEM (adwords) campaign.

Step 2 – clean up your code

This step is also part of a website optimization process and requires a little bit of HTML background. Go through your site checking that all of the pages have clean code. Make sure to get rid of:

  • unnecessary notes
  • inactive links
  • bad redirects (you should use 301 – permanent redirects, not 302 – temporary)
  • get rid of unnecessary Flash
  • make sure that you don’t have duplicate content (two pages with the same text)
  • verify your HTML code (you can use this site)


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