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Themed imieniny prezent – the best idea for a birthday

imieniny prezent: sweet birthday gift

You are tired of the question: what birthday gift should I choose? How to get there? Which choice will be the best? And what if you were invited to Birthday for a person who, it seems, has everything. Either you go to name a colleague at work and you do not know exactly what tastes and interests you have. How can you make your gift beautiful, useful, not dusty on the shelf and stand out from the others?

We already have a ready answer to all your questions. What do you think about a sweet birthday present? Are you convinced that birthday chocolate can only be a beautiful addition to the main gift? You already know that you are doomed to long shopping and searching for the right gift. Believe us, our chocolate products can act as an addition to the main gift, so be the only main gift. Our figurines of Belgian chocolate perform several functions because they are also aesthetic and tasty at the same time. Remembering the first function, we’ve matched the beautiful transparent packaging. Thanks to them chocolate figurines or pictures of our company can stand on the shelf (just watch out for the heat and rays of the sun) and enjoy the eyes for a long time. Chocolate can stay up to six months. And then you should … eat it.

The name-day gift can be selected according to the horoscope, season, hobby, character, dreams of who you want to present this gift to. In addition, you can choose sweet gifts for your name-day, according to your taste preferences: black, milk or white chocolate.

Gift for the name dayprezent na imieniny

Who said that a toy or figurine – a cool gift only for children? Your gift can also be an important inspiration for an adult friend if it is related to his interest or goal. Because we have themed presents. For example, if your friend learns to play the guitar or just plans to start learning – give him a chocolate guitar. She will help him remember the purpose. If a friend plans to go to the mountains for the first time – we have a delicate climbing carabiner made of chocolate. If a friend likes painting – give him a chocolate picture. Its weight can range from 10 decks to a few kilos. Do not worry about whether the smaller one will look good. Thanks to the appropriately selected packaging that creates an additional frame, even an image that has 10 decks will look great. If your friend is a hairdresser, we have chocolate scissors. A colleague likes and grows dogs? You will find several breeds in the catalog. Can someone not live without a phone or is planning to change the model? Give him a chocolate iPhone! A colleague at work likes cosmetics, would like to donate a set of cosmetics, but you have doubts whether to hit the company? Give chocolate! Is a colleague a journalist? We have a chocolate microphone, the size of which is close to the size of the original. Dude dreams about a new car – we have a whole car park.

The name-day gift can be for one person, as well as for the whole family, in which there is a solemnizer. It depends on how much a gift is worth to order. The weight of the product can vary from a few to several kilos. If you choose a bigger product – you have another reason for meeting – gather in a few months for tea and eat this sweet gift together. In the piggy bank of golden thoughts, you will find this: “People will not remember what you did, what you said, but they will always remember what they felt through you.” Our gifts perfectly match this word, because a person who gets a chocolate name day gift will remember that forever.

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